South Downs


Athlete membership

Through our Athlete membership we are able to offer regular consultation and coaching sessions, periodised programming and give you access to our facility 6 days a week.



Our Strength & Conditioning classes are designed for Runners and Cyclists and focused on helping you meet the demands of the sports and improve performance. We also offer Hybrid Conditioning Classes as an excellent way to improve your general athletiscm and fitness. Classes start from £10 per session with monthly payment options available.



For those in need of further guidance or looking to take their training to the next level, we offer one 2 one coaching sessions throughout the week. Our coaches our available throughout the week and offer free consultations to give you an insight into our philosophy and what we can do to help you improve.


Long Term Athletic Development

Whether it be through one 2 one coaching or via our membership, we offer the chance for children aged between 12-16 to train in our facility and improve the athletic ability.